About B.F.R.

B.F.R. Members

We thank the Lord for the gift of music and ministry.


Founded:  1999

Using just one word to describe a band would usually be challenging, but with B.F.R. it is easy.  That one word is “unconventional”.  The innovative repertoire is unconventional.  The instrumentation, the arrangements, and the stage presentation are all unconventional.  In the spirits of Johann Sebastian Bach, Thomas Dorsey, Sam Cooke and Andrae Crouch, this band will CHANGE conventions, traditions and customs while keeping the pure Gospel message completely intact.  Here musical instruments from the world over are used in obedience to Psalms’ command “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

Following the Apostle Paul’s lead, this group is becoming all things to all men that they may save some.  Their freshman CD, “Some West Coast Praise”, employed many different modes of expression to assemble a work that is palatable to a wide variety of musical tastes.  Rather than reinforcing walls, B.F.R. seeks to remove barriers.

The Bible Faith Remnant never disappoints when ministering live either.  The versatile and seasoned singers along with the accomplished musicians delight audiences from nearly any demographic.

Consequently, the band participated in the Ethnic Dance Festival in 2010, and 2012.  B.F.R. was the first Christian group to play at the prestigious festival in its 32 year history.  They also ministered at the Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco.  The word “unconventional” again comes to mind.

This is proving to be an exhilarating time for B.F.R.  With the hot new Radio Single, “Is Anything Too Hard for God?”, coming into full bloom, and the band receiving exposure from a spectrum of new venues, only God knows how far things will develop for the Bible Faith Remnant!

B.F.R. Members

Lillie Cain, Alto (Lead Vocals)

Moses Cain III, Baritone/Guitar

Rebecca Cain, Soprano-Alto

Marvin Cain, Tenor/Bass-Guitar

Ana House, Alto-Soprano

Ken House, Guitar

Kelly R. Gilbert, Contralto

Robert Castro, Drummer

Christine Miller, Alto

CJ Holmes, Drummer

Krystina Camacho, Promotions

I assist B.F.R. with Events and Promotions, and truly thankful and blessed to be part of this Christian Band. It was not until I came to the Lord that I even knew there were Christian singers and bands.   I am so grateful to God for all His blessings and for allowing me to meet many brothers and sisters in Christ, through B.F.R’s Music Ministry.

Yolanda Gerald, Percussions